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January 11th, 2012

“Did I just hear someone use the expression, ‘beautiful erections’?”

I’m trying to get organised. I am on the cusp of being organised but by doing so I am approaching a dangerous scenario. Whatever could this scenario by? What’s the harm in getting everything up to date and where it should be?

I’ve discovered that outside of organisation, in that dark and murky void of “eh” and “ummm” and “huh” lies a relaxed attitude to practically everything which is very intriguing. I’ve been proactive so much recently that unless I can achieve some massive goal during the day I feel deflated and let down. “All those other things I’ve done are much better and can’t compare to the pish-shit I’ve done today”, I muse and end up staring into a cup of gherkins thinking that drinking all the alcohol in the flat is a very sensible idea.

Then again, I want to stop. I want to sit somewhere and have a quiet rest. Every lunchtime I’ve been running around performing chores and to then have to return to work and do another three hours. My chagrin is well and truly chafed. It’s browsing through a catalogue and trying to leave me it’s that disgruntled and I don’t blame it.

Once this week is over I’m going to return the simple life of being a super rich rock star. Pass me my glitter paints!

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