Christmas Market (dirty, dirty)

Alright so we should have done this a couple of months ago but you know us, we couldn’t plan some sort of social arrangement in a tavern. Clearly the Beans is pouring money down a dirty, dirty drain and we’ve gotta make some readies otherwise we’ll be left with nothing but comfortable responsibility on our backs.

I’m suggesting a full frontal people. We have to attack those stupid bitches with their brimming wallets with the crappiest, shoddiest shit we can find. Get out your permanent markers; it’s a free for all!

Okay that’s enough army chit chat. I think with the amount of material we’ve got on the site we could muster something along the loins, lines, loins, lines of christmas cards, mugs and t-shirts. Think about everything we say… who wouldn’t want a t-shirt that said ‘Grand Mal’ on it? Here’s a comprehensive list I made up on the spot of the top whatevers we regularly say:

1. You see you, right…
2. Grand Mal
3. Skippety Bee Ba
4. I like / don’t like those apples
5. Loins

Thems makes goods moneys, no’s?