User avatar Unconfirmed individual on nondescript greeting card

I like making cards. Making cards is fairly easy and fun providing you know what to draw or write on the front. If you don’t then it’s a painful and frustrating experience. Thankfully, most of the time I know what I’m doing, which makes a change (ba dum chish!)

It was recently my sisters’ birthday. […]

User avatar Four Word Reviews: Mr Lover Lover, The Best of Shaggy Part 1

Time for another review of an album nobody wanted but which I somehow found in my postbox anyway. This month, we’re giving “Mr Lover Lover: The Best of Shaggy…Part 1” a more in-depth listen than it was ever supposed to receive.


User avatar 29 Cats

29 Cats Were sitting in a tree Spread out on the branches Drinking cups of tea

One little cat Had enough to drink Climbed up to the top And had a little think

That little cat Decided he should wee But was very lazy So did it in the tree

28 other cats Sat lower […]

User avatar WHO DID THIS…

Oh yeah… Me.

I opened the Character Hatch, I wanted to find the bell tower. How much harm could it do? It’ll be fine. Right?

User avatar Hair by Ian

I suspect Ian’s natural shyness and modesty are to blame, but I have to say I was surprised to discover that he’s opened a hair salon in North London named after his new favourite word.

User avatar The Trip Home

Last weekend was mostly spent discovering how difficult it is to be a rapper. Not only in spirit but also in words, and that whilst I may be adept at sweating lyrics I’m not particularly great at spitting them. In any case eventful as the Saturday and Sunday were they could not prepare me for […]

User avatar Older

Older, yes. I reach the end of this week battered and bruised by the harsh mistress of ageing. My face is lined, my hair grey and thinning, my walking stick arriving in the post tomorrow. The ravages of time leave me enfeebled.

But what has my additional age gained me? Insight, perhaps. I have thought […]

User avatar This is me on PouringBeans…

…typing a message that other people can read.

You two always say that I’m never on “the beans” and that I never write things for other people to read.

Well HA!

This is me proving that I do (occasionally) write things and that you two have done a reading of them. And just to prove […]