User avatar Questionable Truffles

Having spent a good five minutes looking at this, just what the hell is this?

Truffles I get. Commerce and purchasing items I get. Walking around in supermarkets taking photos of curios and novelties I get. But squiffy truffles? Can you describe a truffle as ‘squiffy’?

Were it not for the fact that my […]

User avatar Bad Day

So, after faffing around in the dark for five minutes, I sit down again on the floor and realise I’ve forgotten to get the scissors.

Rewind to five minutes prior to this. At the entrance to the kitchen I forgo turning the lights on, because I’ve lived in the flat over ten years and I […]

User avatar The Cheek of It

This completely took me by surprise!



Now I am used to receiving abuse from family members, close friends, clients, the general public and the occasional letters through the post, but this is a new low. I was recently walking past a new development of houses and what did greet me upon turning […]

User avatar Broken

In the last two weeks, the following things have broken.

My central heating boiler, which was broken for a week My phone, which had to be sent off for a week and a half My coffee pot, which still isn’t fixed My watch, which still isn’t fixed My iPod, which I had buy parts to […]

User avatar My Four Pounds

I bought a thing off eBay for a Christmas present. It cost me some money, plus £4 post and packaging. That’s reasonable enough. I paid the money and entered my work address for delivery so that it wouldn’t be sent back if I was out.

What I didn’t expect – what nobody expected – was […]

User avatar Ian vs Crush Songs

Ian: Hello? Crush Songs: Hello Ian. Ian: Hello Crush Songs by Karen O. I’ve wanted to listen to you for a while; sorry it’s taken me so long. Crush Songs: Oh think nothing of it. Now, are you ready? Ian: I am, yes. Crush Songs: Are you ready for fourteen songs that all sound the […]

User avatar What? Eh? What?

What the hell is this?

Just… can someone give me a hand here? I can see something, there’s definitely something there right in front of my eyes, because my eyes register that there is something on the screen. But what is it?

I think it’s a picture of some description. There are some people […]

User avatar Mild Frustration (a short play)

A young man, not feeling too great, has a nice face, decides to try to attend to his illness by calling his doctors. It’s Monday morning.

Man: Hello, I’d like to make an appointment. Receptionist: Right what we normally do is not make an appointment but ask the doctor to call you instead. Man: Oh […]