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On a recent sojourn in Carlisle, I was browsing the shops like the pavement-walking, job-dodging, gum-chewing cad that I am. In one particularly well-known charity shop I came across this little curio:


I did an actual double take. I looked then had to look again. Is that… was that… THE Vincent Price on the front of a board game?

As it happens it is and I wasn’t just having a fever dream, although the fever dreams I have had never involved old horror movie stars.

This was the 1970’s and it seems as though someone thought it a good idea of turning a game you can play with a piece of paper and a pen for free into a game involving an elaborate piece of plastic and trying to charge punters for the benefit.

I couldn’t bring myself to part with the money just to own this tiny piece of history. Did Vincent Price love Hangman that much or was it all for the big, big, shiny cheque handed to him by MB Games? Who knows. The next time you’re trying to guess what the nine letter word is that has four s’s in, think about Vincent and his “classic American game for two”.

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  • I opened the picture full size so I could read the box. This game was evidently meant for people of such dim intellect that they couldn’t guess the word “hotel” with three letters already filled in. Vincent Price may be that thick but I’m certainly not. No sale.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    Come come, dear boy, that could have been so many words. It could have been erm… Well not “erm” as that doesn’t have enough letters, but it could have been erm…

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