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Week of the Week VI

UNBELIEVABLY it’s been nearly a year since I last bestowed upon you a week of the week, so this week it’s time for another week of the week to be manifested. This week’s week will therefore be a lovely week that will leave you weak at the knees. It is possibly the most varied week of the week so far, taking the week fan from the grandeur of Papal announcements and two wars down to the tragedy of one man dying whose first name and location remain unknown.

Our week of the week this week is 14-20 August 1898.

Sunday 14 August 1898 – the USA sends 11,000 troops to occupy the Philippines, a turning point that saw the end of the Spanish-American War and the start of the Philippine-American War.

Monday 15 August 1898 – Hugh D. Auchinloss, who would later be Virginia’s delegate to the Republican National Convention, celebrates his first birthday.

Tuesday 16 August 1898 – Pope Leo XIII issues a Quam Religiosa expressing his sadness at the introduction of a law in Peru that permitted civil marriage.

Wednesday 17 August 1898 – Mr. Price dies.

Thursday 18 August 1898 – Sarah McGlone, 60 years of age, falls down a well in County Armagh. Peter Hughes, a farmer, took great personal risk in being lowered down the well. He rescued her.

Friday 19 August 1898Science Magazine‘s latest issue is published, including an interesting article titled “Observations on Blue Jays” by Dr. Hiram M. Stanley on page 223.

Saturday 20 August 1898 – Sigmund Freud writes to Wilhelm Fliess, saying “Your lines have brought back to me the pleasures of my vacation.”

A rapturously joyful week, you will no doubt agree, and hoorah for that!

21 comments March 30th, 2009

Week of the Week V

It’s been pretty quiet round here lately, so what better to stoke up the discussion than another ever-popular Week of the Week? The last Week of the Week was, you might remember, slightly controversial because it discussed such a very well-known week. Well, as promised, this week’s Week of the Week will be a real undiscovered gem: a true prize week, but not as well known as most other weeks are.

This week’s Week of the Week is 20-26 November 1932.

Sunday 20 November 1932 – Wilbur A. Sawyer writes to his wife Margaret from Cape Town, saying: “The weather has been fine, cool except for a few hours in the afternoon.”
Monday 21 November 1932 – Following an explosion at Cardowan Colliery, Glasgow, on the 16th, the Scotsman reports that Shettleston Co-operative Society has donated £50 towards relief work.
Tuesday 22 November 1932 – T.E. Lawrence warns that “celibacy has its dangers!” in correspondence with G.W.M. Dunn.
Wednesday 23 November 1932 – In the Irish Dáil, Mr Anthony asks whether Mr Derrig is aware that the appointment of Mr Cornelius McGiff as school attendance officer has caused “a good deal of discussion in Cork City”.
Thursday 24 November 1932 – The FBI Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory opens in Washington, D.C.
Friday 25 November 1932 – Melbourne Cricket Club gives Tate his first outing. He bowls out New South Wales, scoring 4-63.
Saturday 26 November 1932 – There is a small amount of restrained celebration to mark the tenth anniversary of Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon’s discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

A bracing whirlwind of a week, I’m sure you will all agree – obscure but by no means dull.

18 comments April 9th, 2008

Week of the Week IV

Weeks and weeks have gone by since the last Week of the Week, leaving many Week of the Week fans feeling quite weak. So this week I present another historic week as our Week of the Week.

This week’s Week of the Week is 22-28 July 1923.

Sunday 22 July 1923 – Charles Hoff of Norway sets a new pole vault world record of 4.21m.
Monday 23 July 1923 – Michael Melvin dies of chronic nephritis in east St Louis, USA, aged 72 years, 6 months and 11 days.
Tuesday 24 July 1923 – the Treaty of Lausanne is signed, creating modern Turkey.
Wednesday 25 July 1923 – Cathal O’Shannon speaks in the Irish parliament, asking about provision for an Officer of Communications.
Thursday 26 July 1923 – The Observer prints a photograph of “music by wireless”.
Friday 27 July 1923 – Science journal publishes vol. 58 issue 1491, including an article on “Paleontological Finds in Moravia” by A. Hrdlicka.
Saturday 28 July 1923 – Major Thomas Arthur Hughes (son of Patrick Hughes, of course) marries Kathleen Byles.

Of course, there are very few of us who couldn’t have recited those historic events from this unforgettable week off by heart. It is probably one of the best-known weeks ever. 

12 comments February 8th, 2008

Week of the Week III

It’s been weeks since the last week of the week so definitely time for another week of the week this week.

This week’s week of the week is 4-10 March 1973.

Sunday 4 March 1973 – the 15th Grammy Awards are held.
Monday 5 March 1973 – two Spanish aeroplanes collide over France during a French air traffic control strike. 47 Britons died, along with some other foreigners.
Tuesday 6 March 1973 – Episode 9 of the first series of “Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads” is transmitted for the first time.
Wednesday 7 March 1973 – Ray Parlour is born. He grows up to become a footballer or something.
Thursday 8 March 1973 – a referendum is held in Northern Ireland to ask whether it should remain part of the UK. The vote is boycotted by Catholics and the result is more than 98% in favour of staying in the Union.
Friday 9 March 1973 – Norway passes Act no. 14 relating to the Prevention of the Harmful Effects of Tobacco.
Saturday 10 March 1973 – the British governor of Bermuda is assassinated along with his deputy.

Another amazing week! I certainly remember what I was doing when all this happened. Do you?

5 comments June 18th, 2007

Week of the Week II

Another week, so it’s time for another week of the week! This week’s week is not too weak. It’s 9-15 April 1933.

Sunday 9 April 1933 – Walnut Valley Motorcycle Club holds a race in Winfield, Kansas, where Pete Petross takes third place in the time trials on his Henderson Super X, scoring 38.2 seconds.
Monday 10 April 1933 – Ernest Jones wrote a letter to Sigmund Freud, saying it was a pleasure to hear “your manly and firm tones in these difficult times”.
Tuesday 11 April 1933 – Edward Elgar conducted a performance of his own music which was recorded for release.
Wednesday 12 April 1933 – Montserrat Caballe was born, and later went on to become a backing singer with Queen.
Thursday 13 April 1933 – the American premiere of an English translation of Brecht’s play, Die Dreigroschenoper.
Friday 14 April 1933 – the milk price war continues in America, with shops selling a quart of milk for as little as 7 cents.

Another wonderful week! What are your memories of this highly emotive time?

10 comments May 22nd, 2007

Week of the Week

This week’s week of the week is 14-20 November 1869.

Monday 15 November 1869 – Alexander Campbell stood down as Acting Minister of Inland Revenue in Canada.
Tuesday 16 November 1869 – the Suez Canal opened to shipping.
Wednesday 17 November 1869 – the ship Jason docked at Maryborough, Sydney, Australia. John W. Castle was the ship’s master.
Thursday 18 Novemebr 1869 – four days of heavy rainfall in the Texas Hill Country comes to an end.
Friday 19 November 1869 – full moon.

A great week, I’m sure you’ll agree!

11 comments May 15th, 2007

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