Logical Dreamscape (13)

November 24th, 2011

I slowly become aware that I’m in Cross Gates of all places. It’s a little different to how I remember in the layout; that said though this looks a little more eighties than it normally is, and we all know how Cross Gates reveals in its dated look and appeal. You heard.

The first part of the dream is lost to my subconscious. We catch up as I walk into Kwik Save and take a rest on a handily-placed sofa located next to the front doors. A member of staff comes over and tells me to leave because of the mess I had made. Next to me on the sofa are tons and tons of snot-ridden tissues and with nobody else to blame it all falls on me. A security guard escorts me out, carrying all the tissues. I need somewhere to get rid of all of this tosh. Wherever I look though the bins are full or not there at all. In the car park at the Arndale Centre there is what looks like a gents.

So I pile in with all the tissue and flush them, in small batches down the toilet. When I’ve washed my hands I realise I’ve got my ukulele stuck in my back pocket but every time I go to take it out a different part has gotten stuck on my jeans. Then to my amazement there is a queue to get out of the toilets! When I finally get outside again an A-Team lookalike are causing such a commotion and then I woke up.

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