You must know by now that there’s no room for my face! Luckily though I can just about squeeze my lips around the door and pipe a few paragraphs in here. Every page has some cheesy section about who the people are. So here’s mine! Here are five words to describe me:

1. Loins   2. Office   3. Constantlyfalling   4. Thoughthink   5. Passionate

1. Loins – ‘Tis a word I latched fully onto during ‘The Office’ years. MY Office years, nothing to do with friggin’ Gervais. It rolls off your tongue and makes grown men giggle. Such is the power of the Loins

2. Office – It was like a term in prison but with an open door, Kenny G and some chinchillas thrown in. Noone had a raffle, conquered land or created the silliest week in the year ever like we did.

3. Constantlyfalling – An amalgamation of two of the greatest mins od the 21st Century… from Garforth. Let’s face it the competition’s a little slim

4. Thoughthink – I think a lot. Sometimes too much. When you consider the random things people say across the course of a day, well, then you have so much that you feel the need to write it down (see “Fabled Notebook” hiding within the realms of the website!) you wonder how on earth you come up with it when the person sitting next to you can’t even choose their favourite colour. Mine’s yoghurt by the way. I think a lot.

5. Passionate – I had to have an actual descriptive adjectile didn’t I? It’s only fair. I don’t think I would have gone this far, written so much junk, confused so many people if I wasn’t passionate about it. Bring on the loins. Hoo-lay!

I wonder…

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