The Saint King’s Photo Album

Chris’s photos

Pic 1 This is a plane seen through my roof.

Pic 2 Here I am at work, pretending to do some work.

Pic 3 This is what I see from my journey home when I walk to the station.

Pic 4 Me and me.

Pic 5 A very exciting picture taken while I was upside down in my chair.
Pic 6 Mr. Happy Finger showing you the view from my living room window.
Pic 7 Friya wanted a picture of this teddy bear looking over the chair, so here it is.
Pic 8 This scares me.
Pic 9 I like these apples, because these apples involve bananas and kiwi fruit.

Kev’s photos

Pic 10This is me, in the dark, alone… with a camera
Pic 11Our bare brick back bedroom (its not much better now!)
Pic 12Ahhh lefty
Pic 13Me coated in dust having knocked lots of plaser off the walls
Pic 14Sarah, painting glue on the walls
Pic 15My little friend, Chairman Mao
Pic 16Baking Dalek Cookies (look cool but taste of crap!)
Pic 17Sarah, gleefully holding her Cola Cao
Pic 18Mr Monkey infront of the depressing view that greets me every morning at work.

Ian’s photos

Pic 19 This is Tom and Claire, now engaged, sprawled in Noocastle City Centre.

Pic 20 Reuben taking time out from eating and running to play with toys.

Pic 21 Look at how dark my desk is! Can you feel the darkness?

Pic 22 I walk along this to and from work. I could be dragged away by robbing midgets at any time…

Pic 23 You see these apples, right, these are the kinds of apples that I could stack in a would-be pyramid. And I did.

Pic 24 Reuben takes the place of his dad and work and nobody notices apart from his conversations make a lot more sense.

Pic 25 My attempt at pointing at a boat fails miserably.

Pic 26 A fellow Dickinson Dees colleague shows off his cheesecake, and it tasted good. But not as good as hot pie (hot pie), cold custard!

Pic 27 Us three in a cupboard. My chin is awful. Look at my fat arms. I’m a menace to society… happy days!

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