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During lockdown many of us have taken up new hobbies, many of us have refined existing ones and some of us have just tried to get through it without murdering everyone in close proximity due to extreme cabin fever.

In our house the conservatory has become the kids ‘art & craft studio’, by which I mean its the easiest room to hose down when all the paint and play dough is finished with. Its also where the kids love of doodling and colouring has been honed throughout lockdown. Last week I decided to clear up the massive pile (about 2 reams of papers worth) of doodles, drawings and scribbles that have amassed in the box that has pens and stuff in. It was long overdue.

Most of it went in the bin, I saved the choice articles, the pictures which showed real flare and effort, but in going through the pile I rediscovered some gems from not only the kids but me and Sarah too. This week I present to you… Dr. Lips.

Dr. Lips

I have a vague memory of drawing Dr. Lips, but I have no idea of his backstory. I also have no idea why he’s hanging out with Mr Strong and one of the Chuckle Brothers.

Do you know Dr. Lips? Perhaps you met him in an Aldi carpark once? Maybe he checked you over that time you though you had herpes? Let us know in the comments.

11 comments on “Lockdown art: Dr. Lips

  • Perhaps I was. You’re the ideas man… what TV vehicle could carry off a smug looking doctor, a septuagenarian slapstick comedian and a fictional square strongman?

  • Anything these days. It could be the new line-up for X-Factor for all we know. I would like to think that they would swerve past the obvious talent show set-up and go for something a little more left field. Join together like a massive transformer and fight aliens?

  • Dr Strong Chuckle is a go-er. Let’s pitch it to Nickelodeon now while we have a chance. Once he’s vanquished the baddies with his mighty funny roar, he could make everyone feel better by saying “to me, to you” through his massive lips.

  • That’s a lot of manpower invested in the theme tune and concept art, and not a lot on storyline. Let’s hope the half-baked tune and a handful of doodles are enough to get it commissioned.

  • Fair point. The first rule of getting a TV show on the air is to approach the broadcaster who has more money than sense. The second is to spend most of the time on the theme tune. It’s the Dennis Waterman Law of Commissioning.

  • Dennis Waterman wouldn’t be a household name unless Dennis Waterman did what he does best and that’s arm wrestle whatever he can from the production company into his own greasy mitts.

    I’m pretty sure given the chance he would have hand-written the credits and pushed them past the camera himself.

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