Just look at all the places we’ve been and all the things we’ve done!

Whenever we go somewhere together we write down all the silly things that happen in a Sacred Book. You can now see all of them here – just click the cover of the book you wish to consult.

Southseeing not Southdoing
Portsmouth 2022
Can't Stop the River Force 5
Newcastle 2022
Three Men in a Tin Shed
Bridlington 2021
I Bought this from Steve for a Double High Five
London 2019
The Time that Three Friends Went Away for a Spiffing Adventure. And Everything Was Fine
Newcastle 2019
London 2014
Whitley Bay 2009
Hold the Front Page
London 2008
96 Leaves
Newcastle 2007
Erudite Musings on the Human Condition (with Slags)
Newcastle 2006