7 comments on “The menace

  • I wouldn’t like that. I would never like that. I would like to go about my business without being terrorised by headrests. In fact, I think, ideally, I would never actually have to think about headrests at all.

  • Are you sure? Think of all the happy memories you’ve had over the years due to head rests.

    Didn’t you spend 15 years looking for a head rest or something? I wasn’t paying attention so the details are a little sketchy.

  • No mate. 14 years looking for a footstool. Padded accommodation for the opposite end of the body. If you don’t remember all the details I’ll be happy to run you through it again.

  • Excellent idea. I brought a PA system so the story can be as loud as possible, would you like me to plug your listening headphones in to it so you can hear me as clearly as possible?

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