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The other day we went to a brewery and made some tasty beer. You know that, of course, because if you’re reading this, you were there.

Anyway, I have now published photos of this excellent day in the Photos section, so that the three of us, and Sarah, can see what we got up to all day. It was one of our best days for photography.

I also had a great plan to edit together a video using all the footage we shot on the day, but despite having coined the new catchphrase “get a video”, we seem to have only created three videos. One of them was in portrait and was just me pulling a pint with nobody saying anything, so having skipped that, there were just two videos.

Not to be put off, I made a video out of them anyway. It will only cost you three minutes of your life. Please enjoy.

6 comments on “Kev up in a brewery

  • I like it too. What does it mean? I’ve spent five minutes writing this comment and haven’t thought of anything.

    Wait… maybe that’s it! Maybe it describes that thing where everyone thinks there’s a joke to be made, but nobody can think of it, and the conversation just sort of awkwardly dies out. It’s an absolute Kev-up in a brewery.

  • Any occasion where we think there might be a good pun to be made about something, but the conversation then stops because everyone’s just trying to think of a good pun… that’s a total Kev-up in a brewery.

    Yes. I like this. Deploy!

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