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I use the “reminders” app on my phone quite a lot, because I am forgetful. It’s clever because you can get it to remind you about something at a particular time, and then once you tick the reminder to say you’ve done it, it just disappears. Poof! Gone.

Except it’s not gone, it seems. If you open up one of the menus and tell it to show you completed reminders, there they all are. All of them. Mine go right back to 2011.

I had a scroll through and most of them are very boring. Some of them are not. Here are some things I have been reminded to do in years gone by.

I don’t know what most of these mean.

Go to bloody Richmond FFS
Windy tomorrow
More wontons
Post Ian a picture of a fist
R4 debacle
Go go go
Listen to the thing
Look for workman
Brioche and food
Family pictures sending please
Ask about onion soup
The Hoodie Problem
Mike is going to phone you at 4
Remind Steve to freeze three (3) breaded chicken breast fillets and retain one (1) chicken breast steak in the refridgerator
Clean crap out of headphone jack
Tinsel, silver: six metresworth
Hello! Sorry for the slow reply, I was at work and then I was very, very asleep.
Eyyyyyy mate
Make some decisions
UKIP weather
Pester Kev
Give Joe ten pounds Sterling
Post to the Beans

9 comments on “A reminder of old reminders

  • One day they’re going to frame this and put it in a museum to explain how life in the 21st century was. It’s a perfect summation of how the world is now, especially, “Fg.”

  • It’s better homemade than bought in a tin. The stuff in a tin will make your breath smell terrible for about three days.

  • Not once I’d written that very specific reminder. Once before I’d owed him a fiver and accidentally given him five Sudanese pounds, which thankfully he took in good spirits and we had quite a chuckle about it. But I could tell that a second transgression would cause him to become very angry.

  • Is “AAAAAAAAAAAA” reference to a new, incredibly small size of battery? Possibly used to power tiny mind control helmets for crickets?

  • The Hoodie Problem.

    Chris got real and started taking out all the yoof in the area to make it safer for Mrs Miggins to get to her massive portfolio of properties.

  • I’m not entirely sure about “AAAAAAAAAAAA”; it was either one AAAAAAAAAAAA size battery or a reminder that I needed to get four AAA batteries or six AA batteries. Usually those are interchangeable anyway so all of the above would have worked.

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