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Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to cast a keen eye over the mostly-absent third member of the Beans trio, Mr Kevin Hill.

Hill is not dead or missing after hiking through the foothills of Cheveley or anything suspicious like that. We know that he’s still flobbiting about somewhere, possibly in his lovely house or one of the many, many locations he has to drop and/or pick up his kids from.

He has a made-up job title (at least according to his Linked-In profile) and may or may not still be running some kind of poodle grooming business on the side. Is this what takes up all of his time? Are dogs the reason he doesn’t visit anymore? Expert analysists seem to suggest so.

The important thing is that we remember he is still a thing and remembering is fun. Though he may have abstained from posting anything for the last eight hundred years, though his track record of editing and uploading the podcasts is as sketchy as an afternoon with Vincent Van Gogh, Kevin is still a valuable edition to the team and we all look forward to seeing his cheery little face once again.

6 comments on “Missing, presumed busy

  • Is that Cheveley in Cambridgeshire? Near Newmarket? I believe it’s the third highest place in Cambridgeshire so presumably the foothills are substantial.

  • I think you mean Chieveley in Berkshire, which has a large motorway service area accessible from the M4 and A34. The foothills there are more substantial than the ones around Cheveley, since it’s in the North Wessex Downs. I can imagine Kev having a very pleasant time hiking around the slopes just south of the village towards Snelsmore.

  • I don’t like them apples at all. They are not to my taste. I came here thinking you were interested in a conversation about walking routes around a village in Berkshire which has easy access to the trunk road network and is conveniently placed for the amenities of Newbury, but it turns out you just teased us all with that possibility and then refused to engage. Those are some really, really disappointing apples.

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