Avatar Nonna

Nonna knows best,
Nonna wants you to know
That Nonna likes pizza,
Pizza toppings on pizza dough.

Nonna needs num-nums,
Nonna kneeds the pizza dough,
Needless to say by evening
Nonna’s certainly ready to go.

Nonna can’t let go,
Nonna wants a side dish,
I can’t make garlic bread,
Side dish is a side wish.

Nonna isn’t happy,
Nonna lets me know,
Left for dead in a dustbin,
Mozzarella, cheese and pesto.

7 comments on “Nonna

  • It’s the fact that he has a ridiculous name for his grandma and he thinks it’s perfectly normal. If my grandma was still alive and I went around calling her nonna she’d think I was crazy.

  • Nuneaton? Market town? Northern Warwickshire? Never heard of it.

    Do a lot of English towns get used as names in other parts of the world? Are there ladies called Whitby in Portugal? Cirencester in Japan? Meva… you what? Mevagissey? Fuck off, that’s not an English town, Google.

  • I’ve been to Mevagissey. It’s got an aquarium inside what used to be the lifeboat shed. It was designed for the lifeboat to slide down into the water, so the whole aquarium is on a steep slope. It’s very odd.

  • It does not, which is why I don’t often spend my time there. If it did all the drinks would slide down to one end which would be impractical, so I can see why they decided not to put one in, but it is decidedly odd to have an aquarium without someone shaking cocktails and putting little bowls of peanuts onto very small black napkins.

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