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Almost two years ago, in July 2022, you might remember that I blessed the toilets at work with a second piece of artwork. Thanks to my efforts to improve the lives of my colleagues, Piet Mondrian’s Composition London 1940-42 has been gracing the gents for the last 23 months.

I now need to report to you an important development. Since 2021 I have been placing beautiful artworks in the toilets, but now it appears I am not alone. Last week, Mondrian made way for a new image, placed there by an unknown hand.

It’s undeniable that the new artwork is a little less highbrow than my choices, but art is for the people, and I am not going to stand in the way of a more populist approach if it increases the appeal of the men’s toilets.

We’ll see how long Werther’s Original Man lasts. When he disappears I’ll collect your suggestions for a replacement with mass appeal, if the mystery curator doesn’t get there first.

5 comments on “Culture in the workplace: newsflash

  • I’m surprised that you sound so surprised. Where I lead others follow. The only surprising thing is that there isn’t a queue round the block at all times, just in case I say or do something inspirational.

  • I don’t know, actually. While I’m quite the art coinneuseur when it comes to Piet Mondrian and Leonardo da Vinci, the different eras of Worthers Original men are something I couldn’t discuss in any detail, certainly not in front of a live audience.

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