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In May last year, you might remember that I brought a little classical beauty into the lives of my work colleagues when I anonymously gifted the Mona Lisa to the men’s toilets on the third floor.

I was under no illusion that this artwork would be permanently displayed, and so it was little surprise that, after ten or eleven months, it vanished without warning, leaving an empty frame to greet toilet-goers once more. To be honest, I was pleased it lasted as long as it did.

My quest to bring culture to the workplace has not ended there, though. No, it continues, with renewed vigour. Since the Mona Lisa was taken down I’ve chosen to assume that the Toilet Overlords at work aren’t keen on renaissance realism, so my latest contribution is something more abstract.

For gentlemen on their way to their most personal ablutions, I now proudly present Piet Mondrian’s Composition London 1940-42.

5 comments on “More culture in the workplace

  • Excellent work. And it looks so much like London that I can see where you used to live (obviously not where you live now, it’s not Composition France) just there in that white bit at the bottom left.

  • Yes, the oven drawer is there in the original painting, it’s just that the frame isn’t designed for this type of artwork and obcures the bottom edge.

  • No, still there as I type. I had a wee about an hour ago and I admired it on the way there. I’m happy to take requests for the next one.

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