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I am on holiday, but I still need to make one more post this month to earn a bean. The obvious thing to do is to post a massive gallery of holiday photos and be all smug about where I am and what I’m doing.

I respect you both too much to do that. Instead I will post one carefully chosen picture, which is a self-portrait I took using an underwater camera while I was wearing a snorkel mask. The rest of my smugness can be inferred from this if you wish to experience it.

4 comments on “Holiday picture

  • For a moment I thought you were dressed up as Walter White from breaking bad, but you’re just in a big puddle. Nothing to be to smug about.

  • No no, I was dressed up as Walter White from Breaking Bad. But I then went snorkelling and most of the costume is not visible in this picture.

    PS. The big puddle is the Caribbean Sea.

  • If I’m really honest it was a whole Breaking Bad themed holiday resort. Our room was a caravan in the desert.

    I’ve never seen Breaking Bad so I can’t make any other references but I expect you can fill in the other details for yourself.

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