User avatar Pirate alert

He’s going to shiver your timbersHe’s likely to buckle your swashHis pieces of eight count big numbersHis galleon’s full of his dosh

A roistering-doistering fighterHis enemies all have been sankHe’ll make your pockets feel lighterJust before you walk the plank

It’s not like he wants to be BluebeardIt’s a lifestyle that […]

User avatar Leggy Duck

Not so many years ago, Kevin Hill, Science Master, introduced the world to the Majestic Bird Goose – the biggest development in the world of ornithology since the self-boiling egg.

It is now time to introduce the next major leap forward in the world of birds. I am proud to present to you the […]

User avatar Otters

Here are some very important questions.


User avatar Smidge on Science: Rain

Seventeen days have gone by since Smidge Manly’s last video, and as seventeen is the number most associated with the Bard of Barnsley, it must be time for his next outing into the world of science.

Rain: you probably think you understand it, because it’s just water and you see it all the time. Well, […]

User avatar Ducks in Hats

Some things in life are bad They can really make you mad Other things just make you swear and curse When you’re chewing on life’s gristle Don’t grumble, give a whistle And know that there are ducks out there wearing hats….

User avatar Beverage news

Are you tired of drinks that are grumpy, uncouth or simply downright rude? Do you long to quench your thirst with a liquid that’s polite and mild-mannered?

Then look no further.

At last, a drink with manners. A tipple fit for gentlemen. Courtesy Water will give you the refreshing taste of water and the […]

User avatar The Kipper Experience

You will all be sad to know that my washing-machine repair days are finally behind me. Even though it was only a career that lasted a couple of years, I feel as though I have given all I can give. Anyone who is still on the waiting list, I will do my best to see […]

User avatar Boat memories

Recently my family and I went on a ride on a boat. It was a magical journey, on a bright sunny day, full of thrilling golden memories.

I took lots of pictures on the boat ride and in this post I am going to share all of them with you so that you can relive […]