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We have fish, we’ve had them a while but recently we had to move the tank out of the playroom to make room for Lego to be displayed. We didn’t really have anywhere else for them to go, so they went into the kitchen, and because its a kitchen the only place for them is in the window.

Apparently in a window isn’t the ideal place for a fish tank, as there’s too much light so christ knows how fish cope in nature. After a few weeks, sure enough we’ve started to get some algae growth in the water… whats the best way to deal with algae in a tank? Move it out of the sunlight? Chemicals? Nope, apparently its shrimp.

More impressive when you look up how to buy shrimp, is that you can buy them off eBay… through the post… alive.

I know, its mental. So say hello to “Wiggles” and “Swimmy Shrimpy”, named by the kids naturally…

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  • These guys are great. Well done them. And they’re admirably coping with all that difficult light by just letting it pass straight through them. I don’t know if I could cope with being transparent but they make it look quite tempting.

  • We all know that Kev named the shrimp after the kids went to bed and in the morning when they came down there was already some kind of wooden plaque with them on and nobody was allowed to change them.

  • I seem to recall that “Wiggles” and “Swimmy Shrimpy” were the names Kev wanted for his two firstborn children, and Sarah vetoed them. It’s no coincidence that they became the names of his two firstborn shrimp.

  • They’re not going to make a particularly filling shrimp cocktail however once you’ve stuffed them with garlic and, I don’t know, vol-au-vents or whatever people do these days, I’m sure they will be a thrilling treat for the senses.

  • I’m pretty sure shrimps and bearnaise sauce are the in thing right now. There’s a hipster shrimp n’ bearnaise place that’s just opened in Shoreditch to serve it as trendy street food to the hipster crowd.

  • The ingredients for bearnaise sauce shocked me at first because you wouldn’t expected tinned bears, a staple in everyone’s diet, to be used in such fancy cuisine.

  • Mixing them with caviar is what makes it fancy. Just make a 50/50 mix of tinned bears and caviar and stir well. Delicious.

  • 50% tinned bears and 50% tinned beans? You’d have a meal alright, but it wouldn’t be bearnaise sauce. You’d probably get Daddies sauce instead but I’m no expert.

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