Avatar Terrible news

I don’t know how to tell you this. It’s too tragic for words.

In some ways we saw it coming, but still, when I walked down Church Road and saw what had happened, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sexatronic has gone.

The sorry sight of a post-Sexatronic world


Once the home of Bum Chin Bollock Neck McGee, and then – gloriously immortalising the star of one of The Papples’ mostĀ inventive album tracks – home to Sexatronic herself, the stylish and cosmopolitan plywood sheeting has been removed after five years’ service and has been replaced with these unimaginative shop units.

We’ll never forget you, Sexatronic.

9 comments on “Terrible news

  • I can’t get out of my car I’m that upset. This rain that’s falling… it can’t even compare to the tears flowing from my EYES

  • You have to pull yourself together and get on with life.

    I’ve started arranging the funeral. I’ve decided that there will be a saxophonist to accompany the hymns, so the ceremony is Saxatronic. Any more ideas on these lines would be gratefully appreciated because I’m so sad I’m having trouble doing puns.

  • You may want to serve some drinks at the funeral, or the wake afterwards, so I would recommend a Sexa-tonic which is a fruity mix of orange, mango, pineapple and copious amounts of gin finished with a dash of tonic.

  • They serve that in the bar at the aquarium.

    I’m inclined to bring some maritime navigational aids so that the funeral is sextant-tronic.

  • You must ensure that there are approximately six members of the band so that there is a sextet-tronic set of tunes playing to set the mood.

  • Jazzy socks… ?

    JAZZY socks…

    Look at ma… at ma… JAZZY SOCKS!

  • *bibbles and cackles himself into another Jazzy Sock coma*

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