Avatar *** Caption Competition ***

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. It’s very simple; come up with the bestest and most funniest caption for this photo and you could win this magnificent mystery prize.


Good luck!

10 comments on “*** Caption Competition ***

  • Good evening.

    What is the magnificent mystery prize? You said “this” so I assume you were holding it up at the time but I didn’t see it.

    Here is my entry:
    Otters 1 and 2 (lying down): “We are sharing these lovely rocks!”
    Otter 3 (sitting up): “I think you’re both potty!”

    I hope you will agree that this is hilarious and that I deserve the prize.

    Warm regards,

    C.J. 5156

  • That… is… hilarious.

    But in order to be fair to the rest of the Beans universe *sound of crickets in the distance* I must ensure that other entries are received, or allowed time to arrive.

    The closing date is 14 August. Get cracking!

  • I don’t suppose he who shall not be named will be submitting an entry? Does he have a spokesperson?

  • No, he’s sanding down his pelmets. He won’t be taking part. I’m not sure he’s ever visited the Beans, actually.

  • When he does he’s going to get a right old shock when he realises someone else has been cavorting about pretending to be him.

    You remember that time he once glanced at the website? No, me either.

  • I do. It was back in 2006, I think, when he’d set it up and had to check whether it was online by visiting it. I don’t think he’s been back since then. His carpets have needed too much buffing.

  • All those leggy windows too. Don’t forget the leggy windows.

    I read an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post which said he’s started grunting his mantelpiece.

  • Ooh, that’s a long job. We won’t be seeing him for a while.

    I remember my great uncle started grunting his mantelpiece in 1988. He’s due to finish next year.

  • It really shows the dedication of the home owner. Such an exquisite and demanding method could only be achieved by the most patient of people. Thankfully Kev has it in spades.

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