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As a serious artist, a lot of people question my integrity when it comes to certain projects. Just because I see the world in a different light, from a different angle, does not necessarily mean that my work is any less important than others working in the same field. Art is defined by interpretation; what means “life” to someone may mean “death” or possibly “tin foil” to another. It is an open world environment where anything and everything goes. It is the bag for life, full of life, packed with death.

So when it came to my current ongoing situation I decided to try something a little more obtuse. Of course I was never going to please the mass market, the traditionalists, the modernists, those with eyes. But to them I ask them one question: “when was the last time you witnessed a piece of art that really challenged you both emotionally and subconsciously?”

I give you Plopp. When you look at Plopp you could see a myriad of images. You don’t only look at Plopp though, you feel it deep within your bones. It’s a feeling sweet as a yoghurt-covered lollipop. I’ll say no more though as the scene speaks for itself.


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  • This is both deeply moving and deeply troubling. It raises more questions than it answers. As I finish viewing Plopp, I walk away feeling unsettled, less certain about life’s mysteries than I was before. I’m not sure if I still want my lunch. If I don’t eat it I will be asking you for a refund.

  • What Plopp can give you is equal to what Plopp can take away.

    It has troubled me ever since I took this photo. In some way I think the photo took itself.

  • Or it never existed, and what we’re seeing is something else entirely. A manifestation of the sadness and worry of modern life. A pin prick of agony set against the backdrop of madness.

  • I find this picture somewhat phoned in. I mean just look at that seagull. It doesn’t even realize that the utter realism of the image would have been tenfold if he had looked to the east. T’huh.

  • But is the seagull actually in the picture, or is it really an intrinsic part of the fabric of the picture, woven into it as deeply as the colours themselves?

  • I hope you can all appreciate just how famous that seagull is.

  • As if you didn’t just look that up, but yes it is. He also pioneered the tea cosy and co founded AMSTRAD with Alan Sugar.

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