15 comments on “Guess who’s back?

  • What is this and why should I spend my precious time flicking through it? Thirty words or less my good man, thirty words or less.

  • No, no, no. You didn’t guess who’s back. The title of this post was very clear about what you have to do. Look, I’ll go first.

    Is it Paul Daniels? Is he back?

  • Oh right, sorry. I must have missed the point.

    Is it Dave Benson Phillips? Is he back?

  • Is it… I mean it’s a bit too meta for my liking but… is it you?

  • I am, though it’s probably only temporary, but that’s not the big prize name…

  • I see. Is it Chris?

    (by the way, do you only comment on your own posts? How vain).

  • Actually, I am back from holiday, so… yes! The answer is me. I’m back!

    This post should have a picture of me in it since it’s clearly about me.

  • I spent some time in an area of empty space quite recently. I also went on a tube train where there was very little space, but I did find just enough space for me to stand in.

  • There was plenty of space till you put your cramped sweaty self in it. Look at you, taking up all the space.

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