User avatar What kind of alpaca are you?

Here at The Beans, we get a lot of questions and enquiries from our adoring fans, but there’s one issue that comes up more than any other: what kind of alpaca you are. It’s obviously impossible for us to investigate each person in full and answer each letter individually to let people know what kind […]

User avatar Four Word Reviews: Eyes of Innocence

Do you remember the 1980s? Do you like 1980s music? Are you keen to hear all the many sounds of 80s pop music on a single album? Yes, yes, yes and yes: the album for you is Eyes of Innocence, the 1984 debut from Miami Sound Machine, better known as Gloria Estefan plus her husband […]

User avatar Newsboost – And Finally…

User avatar Beans Christmas Raffle!

Hi all, welcome, welcome. It’s that time, not that time again because we haven’t done it before, but that time! Time for the Beans Christmas Raffle!

And boy do we have a doozy of a 1st Prize for you… One lucky winner will* win Chelmsford!

That’s right, the City of Chelmsford is the […]

User avatar Swings and roundabouts

Be honest. When you see a playground full of children, you wish the children weren’t there so you could have a go on it, don’t you? Research has shown that adults appreciate playgrounds 63% more than children do and children should be banned from them because they’re too busy crying and pushing each other and […]

User avatar Guess who’s back?

It is here… It is now… The blockbusting media event that LITERALLY nobody was expecting, needing or wanting.


Not only is he back, but this time hes going to SPAAAAAACCE!


Mr Smith In Space



User avatar Object of the Year

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? The live final of Object of the Year is upon us again, and the finalists are going to the public vote.

The two finalists have worked hard and I don’t think anyone would deny that they both deserve their place in the final.

On the […]

User avatar What I Should Be Doing

When I was a child I was, at first, convinced that when I grew up I was going to work as a space cowboy. It seemed like an ideal life: rounding up space cattle, eating space beans and flying through space on a jet-powered horse called ‘Rosie’. I don’t remember the exact point that life […]