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Look at you. How old are you? You’re very old. You have done lots of things in your life and more often than not someone will have been there to make a note of it or possibly take a photo.

Nostalgia is what sells lots of old crap in that you remember how it was “back in the day” and then you want to get that feeling back by, I don’t know, buying your first car again, playing that Atari you had up in your uncle’s loft or investing in Microsoft shares. When I was looking for a photo for my brother I found a few photo albums, most of which were filled with sentimental (i.e. pointless) photos of my bedroom when I was 9 and other guff. I did, however, stumble upon several re-discovered gems of what used to happen when Kev and I, and sometimes Tom, would get whammed.

Now don’t get your hopes up, dear people. If you’re looking for sordid, filthy accounts of unscrupulous behaviour then you’re really on the wrong website (you took a wrong turn at boobpedia.com). What I’m talking are polaroids (easy now) of us all looking young surrounded by drinks bottles and cans. If you ever wanted to know what Kevin looked like with a bog roll on his head, holding one of those plastic separators you get with cans of lager, then you’ve come to the right place. If you were “desperate” to see a photo of me fake passed out on the floor then go no further.

I don’t remember ever looking that young but I know it happened. Here’s the proof:

11 comments on “Nostalgia – Young Me (and him)

  • I like all of this, but perhaps my favourite thing is the inclusion of a bonus photograph, where Kev is pictured holding up another picture. I wish I could see what’s on it.

  • It’s a McIver family tradition to take a photo of either someone else taking a photo or of someone else holding another photograph, a one joke joke if you will.

  • Have you ever double joked the one joke joke by jokingly taking a photo of someone holding a photograph of someone doing the one joke joke by holding a photograph?

  • Best avoid it, in that case. I would recommend any of the three following activities to take your mind off it so you aren’t tempted:
    – putting up shelves
    – jogging
    – ice cream

    You’re welcome.

  • If I attempt all three at the same time will I break any world records?

    Jogging along the longest wall, hammering nails using a tub of raspberry ripple?

  • When you refer to the “longest wall”, do you mean Hadrian’s Wall? Will you be jogging to Carlisle with a tub of soft scoop?

  • Surely someone else has a longer wall. It must be a firm tie between China’s big ole’ wall and Kev’s DIY efforts along down the middle of England. He made it all the way to Bruntingthorpe and well past it. Did it ever stop?

  • I think Kev’s “house” is made up of multiple smaller walls that are only a few miles in length each. What we’re missing here is the Great Wall of China. You need to do a lap of China with your nails and your Carte D’Or.

  • No you cannot. Your plan is clearly to hammer the nails in to the wall as you run alongside it. That means I won’t get them back. My precious nails will be staying safely within my golden nail urn. Get your own.

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