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Things are busy because I’m moving house. The last few weeks have been really busy and I don’t have much time for a lot of the things I’m supposed to do. I’m meant to make four posts a month to the Beans, of course, but that’s been hard to do this month. And then there’s all the house move things to sort out as well, like arranging council tax and getting rid of the boxes new furniture came in and dealing with the gas and electric suppliers.

Luckily, today I had a brainwave: what I need to do is combine things to get through my to-do list faster.

That’s why I am using this Beans post to notify British Gas of my meter readings. If you are British Gas, the information you require is as follows:

Gas: 10857 29
Electric: 29080 3

If you are not British Gas, I hope you enjoyed reading this important information all the same. Thank you.

18 comments on “Meter readings

  • I read this information and I’m still deciding whether or not I enjoyed it. At the moment it’s fifty fifty fifty.

  • Yes. The additional fifty gives you a little more hope that I’ll come out enjoying this post.

  • All of those pictures are spiffing, including the meter readings. I might get a couple of those bad boys framed for work. I may even sell them on in the hope of making my fame and fortune.

  • I do not give permission for my pictures to be used in such a manner.

  • I think it may have been F. Scott Fitzgerald who so beautifully put it and I repeat the quotation in full as follows…

    “Skit!” 🙂

    But also I hasten to add that I use the language with the highest of respect and regards for the original artist.

  • That smiley doesn’t look half as happy as it did on my screen…

  • I do not only give permission for my picture to be used that way; I have actually made it mandatory. The picture I posted must be framed and sold. See to it.

  • I have it in the South wing, overlooking the guest cottage and the vegetable garden.

    It looks keen.

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