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Awful CDs continue to land on my doormat with depressing regularity. Currently queued up for your Four Word Review enjoyment are “Voice of the Violin” by Joshua Bell, a collection of Motown covers produced by Pete Waterman, and the 1997 self-titled album by Kavana.

Lined up for this month’s review was “Sticks + Stones” by Cher Lloyd, a 2011 slice of Simon Cowell pop. But when I put the CD in and pressed play, something was wrong.

Can you see it? Yes, that’s right. The case says “Sticks + Stones” by Cher Lloyd, but the CD itself is actually another album from the same year, Coldplay’s “Mylo Xyloto”.

Obviously at that point I had to call a halt to the whole business. This is too much. Two albums I don’t want to hear in one.

Now I don’t know what to do. I might just have to listen to Kavana instead.

That might be the bleakest sentence I’ve ever written. If the best available course of action is listening to a whole album by Kavana, you know you’ve hit rock bottom.

12 comments on “Cher Lloyd vs Coldplay

  • No. No, that is not what I am saying. For one thing, I already have one of those CDs, and for another thing, I don’t want the other one.

    Anyway, unless you’re the person who sends me these awful CDs, what could you possibly do about it?

  • Yeah, OK. I think I’m with you now. Do you mean M? The guy who sang Pop Muzik? If it’s him sending me CDs that really will be a turn up for the books.

  • Nah, you got that wrong mate. ‘M’ is the person in charge of MI5 and sends spies off to kill other spies in glamorous locations. If you’d ever seen a James Bond film, which you can’t unless you want to shuffle off this mortal coil, then you would know.

  • Well, unlike me, you’ve seen films, so you’d know.

    So, are you saying that M from James Bond is the one sending me all these CDs? Is there some secret spying angle to all this that I’ve missed?

  • I have seen SO many films that I should BE a film (what?)

    All the ones I’ve seen recently though have mostly been piffle. Ten tons of liquid waste piffle.

    Yes, the British Government is using a secret organisation to furnish you with unwanted CDs. I hope you appreciate the effort they’ve gone to.

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