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I’ve been digging around my old boxes of nonsense again because new content doesn’t find itself and bringing old things you’ve forgotten about back into the light is a good process. Right?

FYI, expect more of this over the next month or two.

This page was lurking at the front of one of the many notebooks I used to keep. It definitely wasn’t the genesis of the name ‘Papples’ because Chris and I definitely came up with that when I was visiting and we tossed off the idea of continuing the music making antics of The Office and recording an album. I must have been musing on the mythos, considering the chumblies and trying to develop a chart for people who didn’t quite understand.

It takes a while to comprehend both the genius of the name and the music of The Papples.

I’m not entirely sure why I was developing a gun of sorts to turn good apples to pap apples, then again I am an inventor so it must have come naturally (?). Let’s go with that.

3 comments on “Proto-Papples

  • It’s fairly clear that the gun was only an option if money was no object, so you were thinking pretty clearly about the whole thing.

    What interests me is the concept of “babbles”, which isn’t a version I’ve seen before. “Papples” also appears, along with “pap apples”, so did “babbles” have some other specific meaning?

  • It looks like the gun was a costly option and your fist was the cheap version, so presumably the idea was to fist some apples until they turned bad. Maybe fisted apples become babbles.

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