User avatarChris and Ian’s Rap Battle

So here we have it.

These two giants of the rapping world have been teasing this for the last couple of weeks and the hype has reached unobtainable levels. Ian “Flashback” McBugle and Sheriff Rockingham aka Chris Marshall, both ex members of pioneering genre-bending super group ‘The Rapples’, are gearing up for what is expected to be THE rap battle of the week, maybe even the day.

If you’ve been monitoring their comments you’ll know the frenzy that surrounds this encounter. Tickets have been sold out for ages but you lucky, lucky people get to hear the whole thing as it happens right here on Beans FM.

Both competitors are still at the top of their. Sheriff Rockingham has been flexing his vocal muscles on a recent jaunt abroad, amazing the locals with his keen observations and spilt-second timing. Flashback, however, has been trawling the mean streets of the North East, picking lyrical fights with pensioners trying to buy stamps at the post office.

Take a seat, ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Over to you, boys…

6 comments to Chris and Ian’s Rap Battle

  • OK, drop a beat and let me get down
    This mother Flashback is in Rockingham town
    Calling me names all in my face
    Gonna launch his ass to outer space
    His rhymes are wack his words in a tizzle
    Can’t hold no beat can’t stand this shizzle
    He’s gonna hit the floor when he hear me shout
    Cos he ain’t no rapper, Sheriff Rockingham out

  • You’re crazy, you’re stupid, you’ve been on the sauce
    You’re like a Jedi who’s missing the force
    Your rapping is off like week old beef
    Struggling to get up like Omar Sharif
    If you were a biscuit you’d be a rich tea
    Bland and faceless, and lacking in glee
    So go dunk yourself, fool, get outta my pool
    We all know who’s won this rapping duel.

  • I like that I’ve not even been included in this one, so you cant sulk at me for not commenting. However, I have commented, right in the middle of your ‘rap battle’ so bitch at me for that instead!

  • (Kev, if you’re going to chip in you need to do it to the beat.)

    Crazy? No. Not stupid, yo. You got the wrong idea
    I’m the rapping king, my rapping ting is on a higher tier
    My lines are neat, my flow is sweet, my lyrics are the wack
    When I am through your Flashback crew lie bottom of the stack
    These rapping skills fill up the tills, they’re paying for my mansion
    A double rhyme on every line, so epic is my scansion
    You complicate your inner state so I’ll break it into granules:
    You’re just McGee, why can’t you see, the Debbie to my Daniels.

  • I need to do what? Beat something? Like a drum?

  • (Old Man Kevvers may need to sit this one out)

    I’m Launchpad McQuack, pancakes in a full stack,
    Prepping my chickencopter for the nuclear attack.
    Coming back, tit for tat, making up for what you lack,
    Burning up yo pasty grill with a cup of hot mack.
    I’ll be with the crew, sipping brew by the heaters
    While you’ll be licking ice to entice Andi Peters.
    I’m the breakfast slot, so in tune with my gift,
    And you can park your ‘barrow in the graveyard shift.

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