13 comments on “Episode 18: Body Parts

  • It’s looking bells, it really is. All I needed to do was turn off the water, drain all the water out, pour in a full bottle of vinegar, leave it for 3-4 hours and then scrub it off. Simple mate.

  • Did you have the podcast on loop for the full 3-4 hours?

    I have now listened to this and it was an absolute joy. Can’t wait for my robo-hair implants.

  • One image that has yet to leave me, from this podcast, is that of a grossly inflated Dido being used as a sort of massive crash cushion.

  • Let’s face it, what else is she doing with her time really? Once she was a singing chanteuse with the world at her feet and now she’s probably waking up in a giant mansion, flicking monster munch into a fountain for most of the day.

  • What other kinds of chanteuse are there? Is there such a thing as a non-singing chanteuse, who could theoretically sing but in practice never does because their entire life is spent flicking cheap pickled onion flavour snacks into water features?

  • Of course there is. If the concept of a pound minute can exist then a non-singing chanteuse is definitely possible.

    Maybe their voice is so good it would cripple the human race to unleash it, like a plague of snarky bees.

  • I don’t think the pound minute does exist. If it did you’d have been able to explain it by now.

  • It does exist, jeez, how many times do we have to go over this? I made a post, the explanation was all there for you to read at your leisure.

    YOUR leisure.

    I cannot be any clearer on the subject.

  • I think we should just agree to disagree.

    You think the pound minute exists and makes sense. I think Daffy Duck is a more interesting, nuanced and humorous character than Bugs Bunny. Let’s just leave it at that.

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