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Well, we knew it would happen, but we didn’t think it would be this soon.

The Stick is gone.

We knew, of course, that The Stick had got itself a taste for adventure. We knew also that it had been deposited at the foot of the wrong kind of tree. So perhaps it’s no surprise that it has already started its next adventure. But we are, nonetheless, sad to see it go.

(By “we”, I mean anyone who agrees with me. You may wish to clarify your own position in the comments.)

It is my hope that The Stick has gone on to a new life playing fetch with an enthusiastic collie dog, or perhaps is now propping open a garage door somewhere. We can hope.

13 comments on “Stickless

  • I hope it wasn’t. That stick was no antique, it was in the prime of its life.

    Sadly I have no information about the stick’s current whereabouts.

  • I don’t think any Dukes go in there, unless they’re some sort of unhinged headcase who wants to buy a load of stuff that should have gone to landfill decades ago.

  • You might be right. I went to Chatsworth House once and remember saying to my companion, as we gazed upon its magnificent Palladian frontage, how only a headcase would have bought a house like that and how it clearly belonged in a skip.

  • What’s double cray squared? Is that cray cubed? Or quadcray? Are Dukes quadcray?

    I couldn’t afford to be that much of a headcase. That sort of eccentricity is the preserve of the landed gentry who have the mon-wahs to spend. I’d just have to settle for being mildly unhinged.

  • I’m not sure. I did that thing where it popped into my head and I typed it before I could really ponder the true meaning.

    Quadcray is a great name though. We should use it for something, possibly as some sort of manly (although no particularly PC) boot camp or paint balling tournament.

  • I think it sounds like a detective show. DI Quadcray. He might be a troubled borderline alcoholic with marital problems, but he gets the job done.

  • Can we make her a woman? I’m bored of seeing men police with lots of problems, we should have equal rights and make lady police with alcoholism and marital issues.

    Miriam Quadcray. She’s a tough nut in a modern world.

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