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What do you do when life makes you weary? How do you lift your spirits from a state of malaise? Well, I don’t know what you do, but I get myself down to the Lego Store with my VIP card on double points day.

On Monday I bought this.


I haven’t actually built it yet because I’m, you know, preparing to move house and everything, but it’s sitting there in its box just waiting for me. The anticipation alone is enjoyable. Anyway, this particular set is only available from the five Lego Stores in London at the moment – nowhere else and not online – and if you took the trouble to go down there and get one, and you flash them your VIP card like I did, you get handsomely rewarded with extra qualifications. My new set came with this.

Yes, you saw right. IĀ am now the proud holder of documentation that proves I am qualified to build and drive this bus. (The cards are individually numbered so I think I’m only the 209th person to get it as well.)

So in future, if you want to build some Lego, that’s fine, but you won’t be getting anywhere near this one unless you’re the holder of a driving licenceĀ like I am.

9 comments on “Licenced

  • If only they did regional variations for the rest of the country. Newcastle could have a Metro, and I could build it and broadcast the same, “Metro apologises” message that they play on a daily basis.

  • Perfect. I’m not sure how you make an entirely spool of VHS tape out of Lego but those clever Danish fellows will know.

    I’d definitely buy that, but obviously only if the car itself wasn’t sixwide.

  • When it comes to entirely spools, the Danes are at the top of their game.

    If the car was sixwide then I would have to break the shop.

  • I love how my phone understands grammar better than I do. There I was, typing “entire spool” like some kind of moron, and thankfully it came to the rescue. It speaks Danish way better than I do, you see.

    If the car was sixwide I’d break the shopkeeper and a number of other premises nearby if I were you, just to make sure the message is received that sixwiddity is never acceptable.

  • I wish your phone was my dad.

    It’s a good job you’re not me then because also, if you were me, you wouldn’t wanna know me. I know that for certain.

  • Also, I saw someone on the Metro this afternoon with one of these. They must have bought it from the Lego Store in the Metro Centre.

    You’re not special anymore. Soz.

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