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This is my last post of 2018.

It hasn’t been the best of years for me personally however 2018 needs to end on a positive note. We must all remember that a new year means new possibilities and opportunities, and we must not dwell too much on the past. Try not to worry, this is not going to dip into one of those emotional, conscientious posts (did we ever have those?). Far from it. 2019 is going to be the year of…


Our demographic has been severely limited to say the least. We need to start attracting a crowd guaranteed to be scouring the internet at least 24/7. And who likes the internet? Everyone. Why? Because porn. Yes, starting next year we will be incorporating the best of adult entertainment into the already racy strands of Pouring Beans.

I can already tell you are salivating at the prospect of nudie pictures and hot videos of, erm, someone on someone action. And quite rightly so. We may be British but we can still rock it and shove it up the right place like the best of them.

So stay tuned for all of this and much, much more. Hot Beans (TM). 2019, baby.

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  • Yes. YES. We have come a long way from the days when the Beans was so genteel that you used to spell “ass” with an asterisk. Now is the time for copious full-frontal nudity. If anything gets our visitor count above three, it’ll be that. (Or, realistically, two. Kev hasn’t visited since 2015.)

  • Exactly. None of that anymore, we’re going straight for the sensual pipes (what?)

    We already have some pretty sleazy posts: Tom’s Sausage Lion, Dick the Brick, Hot Beans etc.

  • Yes. Pump that filth. As long as its not home made. Nobody wants to see your hair personage doing what it does. *throws up in a bin*

    Have you considered the implications though? Like how you plan to implement the requirements for s25 of the Digital Economy Act 2017 (DEA)?

  • I think one way of ensuring we stay on the right side of the law will be to ensure that Ian does not appear in the filth we will begin pedalling, and nor do his fluffy pants.

  • I can reassure you and him and everyone else that I will not be any part of the filth. I will peddle it but not partake in it.

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