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Let’s take a moment to remember that it was eleven years ago today that Kev made the first ever post to the Beans.

Much has happened since then. Because of his very busy lifestyle it was also, sadly, Kev’s last post to the site, but in the decade that’s passed since then I have posted quite a lot and Ian has reliably turned out his own personal brand of things without a break, so between us we’ve more or less kept the flag flying.

17 comments on “Eleven today

  • I wish I hadn’t commented on it twice. I did come out with a lot of shit back in the day, didn’t I?

  • We all did. In the early days of the Beans I seem to remember you turned out a lot of static website pages full of stuff as well as blog posts. I think this might be your most worthless contribution from those great days.

  • I do spout a fair amount of nonsense but on the ratio of fair to none there is significantly less than 2006 Ian. He needs to take a long look in the mirror.

  • I know. I’m glad we dissolved him in a sort of viscous liquid and replaced him with you. You’re very sensible.

  • Thank Jerry Loinsford and the Loinsford Academy we don’t have to deal with that guy anymore. I’m going to sit down with a cup of hot sensible and read a newspaper.

  • Excellent. There’s a good chap. Stout fellow.

    I enjoyed that. In old books people sometimes call other people “stout fellow” when they approve of them. I intend to do more of this.

  • I’m very happy if you intend to bring it back. You should bring it back with bells on, and possibly brass knobs. In old books people sometimes referred to things as having “brass knobs” on. I do not think that this was concerning male genitalia.

  • I think you’re right. In general it was possible to enjoy innocent knob bants without the idea of male genitalia penetrating the conversation at all. Those were the days.

  • Them were the days. You can’t dangle those kinds of knob bants in front of people these days; they just don’t understand. It all goes a bit Wang Chung.

  • It’s the worst time of the evening when someone tries to Wang Chung the night up. Usually around 7.59pm, or some daft time like that.

  • If I’m at a party, soirĂ©e or gathering, I usually turn the music off at 7.58 and ask everyone to be silent for about three minutes to make sure nobody Wang Chung tonight. It’s the only way,

  • Kevin didn’t comment on this and it was about him. There’s a turnout for the books.

    Which books, I’m never entirely sure.

  • You think a turnout for the books would be a turn up for The Book? I think you’re right on the fashions.

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