User avatar Unexpected

I was at someone’s leaving do last night.

I’ve only been in this job a little while so I don’t know him very well, but a works leaving do is a thing everyone goes to regardless of who it is or how well they know them. You turn up and have a drink and laugh […]

User avatar Guess who’s back?

It is here… It is now… The blockbusting media event that LITERALLY nobody was expecting, needing or wanting.


Not only is he back, but this time hes going to SPAAAAAACCE!


Mr Smith In Space



User avatar The Return of Mr Smith!

Yes that’s right… you heard it here first… Mr Smith is back!

After a brief hiatus of only 7 years, Mr Smith returns in his latest tale of woe, murder and partying, “Mr Smith and the Cactus”.

Read it HERE now.