9 comments on “The Return of Mr Smith!

  • Seven years has done nothing to his cheeky adventures. I for one will be reading and re-reading this for decades to come.


  • Mr Smith is the best. I wish he’d get out of my dreams and into my car.

  • If Mr Smith is back after all this time, should we hold out our hopes for Mr Chang to make a third post in September and finally earn another bean?

  • That’s expecting a lot. I mean I know we’ve also had the return of Billy Ocean, which is always a pleasure Mr Ocean, but we’d sooner see Al Capone doing the charlston on top of the Welfare Hall in Garforth than that.

  • I’ll be back for a 3rd, you just see if I don’t… Which you might.

  • The Third of Chang? Chang 3: The Chang Returns? Tres Chang; por que?

  • I know it’s very immature but that’s BO Chang. Chang has bad BO and they’re turning it into a film. That means he smells.


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