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There have been all sorts of recent stories in the news of late about people ending up in horrible social situations due to their complete lack of understanding of the Approved Regulation Mealtimes (ARM).

All of the embarrassment and could have been avoided with PBP’s newest tool for the smush-brained socialite, The Compass of Approved Regulation Mealtimes™.

The Compass of Approved Regulation Mealtimes (CARM) comes in an easy to print format and can be carried in the pocket to any event of social standing.

Never again will you mix up your Brunch with your Blunch or your Sinner with your Dupper.

Now GO! Go with the peace of mind that no matter what else you do to make a complete tit of yourself in public, at least you’ll know what meal you just ate.

Compass of Meatimes


11 comments on “The Compass of Approved Regulation Mealtimes™

  • This kind of product should not be shared on the internet as someone will see the marketability, steal it and pass it off as their own. My own ‘Wheel of Thrusting’ TM was stolen by Apple and is due to be released at the start of 2015 as iThrust.

  • Are you suggesting that our army of hot shot lawyers aren’t up to the job of defending the Beans? What do we pay them for?

  • They couldn’t defend the iThrust, I mean Wheel of Thrusting, so what makes you think they could hold off a barrage against the Compass of Approved Regulation Mealtimes? These people are ruthless. Kev’s idea, if he is still here in some capacity, is now in the public domain and thus anyone’s breakfast kippers.

  • Kev’s not here in any capacity. He just made two posts in one day which means his next appearance may not be until early 2016.

  • It’s when his appearance does make sense that it causes me to come out in hives. What’s he doing here? Hasn’t he read the script?

  • Not even the Cranberries can save us now. I’m hiding with Gary Wilmot until he chuffs off again! I presume you’ll be flat-sharing with Andy Crane?

  • Can you chuff on as well as chuffing off, or would you have to chuff along?

    Is he good at folding towels? You’ve always got acres of towels to fold.

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