Avatar The last moment of March

This is what you get for posting in the last hours of the month.

Oh, sure, we’ve all done it. You think you’ve got a few more days to make another post, and then wham! It’s the 31st already and the minutes are running out. It’s like Geoffrey Chaucer himself put it: the Bean Counter waits for no man.

Anyway, I felt like I was on safe ground. The one year anniversary of the last podcast post had been and gone, and up my sleeve I had a nice little routine to post. It was going to be a transcript of a “missing” podcast episode. Stage directions indicating scuffling noises and someone eating something crinkly, a false start to asking a question, someone mishearing something. The subject would be along the lines of “what’s the longest you’ve had to wait for the next episode of something?”.

Anyway, I hadn’t written it yet, but in preparation I listened to Gravestones on my way home from work. That would be about two hours ago. In the intervening two hours, Kev has only gone and put another podcast up, hasn’t he? Unbelievable.

So the wind has been comprehensively extracted from my sails. Never mind. There’s four minutes of March left, so I will change course quite abruptly. It’s been a fairly middling day at the end of a fairly rough week, and this made me laugh. Let’s all watch this. Here’s to better times, and silliness, and listening to a new podcast episode on the way to work tomorrow. Thanks Kev. Even if it threw a spanner right in my stupid works.

9 comments on “The last moment of March

  • This isn’t the first time someone had an idea to ridicule someone and then their work was upturned because the person did the thing. We’ve all been there, friend. Be thankful that we all made the bean count for the first time in… how long?

  • Yeah, I wanted that to be a more impressive statistic. Never mind. But what we can all celebrate, ideally by sending me large amounts of cash using non-consecutive notes, is that I turned this tragedy into a triumph by using it as the subject for a fourth blog post.

  • Mate, if you think that’s fancy, you just wait until you see the fancy bin stickers I splashed out on. We have the classiest bins in the road now, and also people can no longer palm off their broken bins on us.

  • Marking your territory? Excellent work. I hope we get some arty shots of your posing with the bins and the stickers. You’ve paid for them so you may as well flaunt them.

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