24 comments on “Episode 15: Gravestones

  • In accordance with normal procedures, I haven’t listened to this yet.

    In fact I could have listened to it yesterday, but I chose not to, because I hadn’t yet posted a comment saying I hadn’t listened to it yet. That’s how seriously I take this.

  • Wow, that’s commitment in a pea pod right there.

    Now that you’ve almost had a week, would it be optimistic to expect you to have piped it through your ear holes yet?

  • I listened to it ages ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. My understanding is that this podcast episode is effectively my last will and testament, and yours, and Kev’s, so it’s probably just as well that I familiarised myself with it.

  • Usher once did a song called Pop Ya Collar. He didn’t sing one called Pop Ya Clogs. At the time he could have released any old bullshit and it would have sold well.


  • It’s a shame he didn’t write one called Pop Ya Clogs, because as an Usher he’d have been a useful and reassuring presence at a funeral.

  • That’s right! Imagine Usher being a professional usher and also being able to be the entertainment when the evening party was taking place. Actually, factor in also the photos, the food, decorations and the ministering (ministerment?) and he could open up the full package.

  • He certainly could. He’d be like a kid at Christmas with that big funeral package. He could also do weddings and bar mitzvahs.

  • He could turn his hand to anything that needs ushering, like:

    – Theatres
    – old timey cinemas

    That’s about it I think.

  • Yeah, I think you’ve covered the main arenas of usheration there, but he could do all those for sure.

  • Even the lyrics of Pop Ya Collar fit with the whole deal:

    “Hey ladies, hey fellas,
    You know you’re doing good cos they’re jealous,
    They only hate you cos you’re a go-getter”

    Usher’s usheration of such an extensive business model has put so many to shame that he wrote this song to hush them up, like all great ushers. There are so many layers to this it makes my brain throb.

  • I might be missing something really obvious, but could you explain how exactly those lyrics relate to the ancient art of ushage?

  • It’s more about his business model than actual ushering. It’s as though he was planning the usherness way back in the early 2000’s because he knew he couldn’t keeping popping it out forever.

    Or I don’t know and I’m making it up, like a horse story to make me sound popular.

  • There’s a distinct lack of horses, hors, whores, hors doobers and horse doors in my life. I believe I am relived about this fact.

  • How about hors d’oeuvres? You should at least have plenty of those knocking about. And if not, I think we need to ask some serious questions about your life choices.

  • Yes. If you put them together, on a plate, then yes. “Hors d’oeuvres” is actually just French for “snacks”.

  • Well, interestingly, yes it does. That’s because, until 1973, the only snack that was legal in France was horse eggs, so their words for “equine egg” and “snack” are the same.

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