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It started with a casual remark in a conversation and, as always, it leads to stuff you didn’t know you wanted arriving in the post.

I’m talking of course about sugar cubes. Who knew they were still a thing?

I for one thought that they had been relegated to the winds of time by things like good hygiene practices and little paper packets, but how wrong I was. Imagine my ‘delight’ as two whole boxes of the things arrived at my door, accompanied by the now customary ring of the doorbell by the postman too lazy to actually push things through the previously acceptable flap.

I believe Chris’ package arrived first, in what can only be described as ‘inadequate’ packaging, (a plastic postage bag) looking mostly like a box of sugar, with some cubes left in it. Ian’s exotic brown sugar came next wrapped nicely in bubble wrap and in a box. (I’m assuming it was Ian as it was addressed to Kevin ‘Sweet San Hose’ Hill).

When I explained the arrival of these to Sarah, she declared that Ian was the winner as she used to sneak eat the brown sugar cubes at ‘Auntie’ Betty’s house when she was little.

following on from this, anyone who ‘pops round for a cuppa’ should now expect to find tea served on an overly flowery tray, with a little bowl of mixed sugar cubes ready and waiting.

Not that anyone puts sugar in tea these days.

6 comments on “Sugar Lumps

  • My favourite thing about this is that you used Ian’s favourite “Pic-Collage” thing to make your picture collage. Excellent.

  • The great thing about this is that Kev is now well placed to lure horses to his back fence if he sees some on that weirdly smooth hill behind his back garden. Changlet will enjoy that.

  • Changlet would love that, but he is also scared shitless when they get up close. (as am I if I’m honest). Feeding them old carrots at arms length is about my limit, I’m not sure I’m up for the close contact feeding sugar lumps would entail.

  • What you need is the Christopher Marshall School of Horse Feeding and Fuckery, due to open this summer pending BOVONA Virus regulations. They can teach you how to feed horses, what to talk to them about and what drinks they prefer from the cabinet.

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