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Oh hi. I didn’t see you there. Well, seeing as you’ve already jumped over the 8ft high chain-link fence, snuck past the security guards and dodged all the bear traps I left in the lobby you can stay.

We are currently shooting fresh scenes for ITV2’s newest fly-on-the-wall cum soap opera ‘Nana Nanas’ about a group of bananas who join the police force but can’t help get into the strangest and yet also thought-provoking scenarios that reflect the problems of everyday people and everyday life. The only problem is that the cast have a lifespan of about seven days which means that we are constantly having to recruit new actors to fill in the roles. The new actors are given new roles meaning that there is a constant revolving door of bananas starting out, breaking through and retiring within the space of a week. It is a constant headache for the writers who have only been doing this for the best part of a month but are running out of ideas for new characters.

You should also not confuse ‘Nana Nanas’ with ‘Nana Nanas’, which is a coming of age documentary about retired bananas trying to start fresh careers in the twilight of their years and something completely different.


Here you can see young heart-throb Jacob and seductress Cleo indulging in a sexy hot tub moment after a busy day shift. Jacob is in two minds about the whole thing, given how Linda stopped him in the corridor at the station to tell him just how she really feels. Cleo has had designs on Jacob since the last episode and has finally found the chance to make her move. Meanwhile Cleo’s dad, who also happens to be the chief superintendent leader police person king man, has followed them to Jacob’s flat and is furious that his star officer is fraternising with his daughter. As the chaos ensues, notorious, as in for the last two episodes, sex addict and pervert next door neighbour Shonky T. Nuisance looks on, hiding in the corner pretending to be a particularly unconvincing corner lamp.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right that it is very little work that results in a huge amount of reward. But isn’t that most of ITV2’s programming schedule?

Guards! Please escort this ruffian off my set, thank you.

17 comments on “Nana Nanas – Behind The Scenes

  • This is literally my favourite TV show. My short attention span means that I can only really keep track of a character for a couple of episodes before losing interest, so the fact that everyone in Nana Nanas turns brown and squishy after about an hour of screen time suits me fine.

  • Having read a lot of comments from other fans, I gather a lot of people appreciate it for the same reasons. It’s a soap for the modern generation; no wonder Kev doesn’t get it.

  • You are and I have no qualms (QUALMS) telling you. You need to sort that out right away; I can send you the previous seasons box set for one hundred Gandhis.

  • I think all Kev needs is a ladder so he can climb back on the fashions. And maybe some kind of fashion saddle to make his more secure when he’s up there.

  • What he needs is a ladder so he can… Oh, you already said that. Oh well never mind


  • I think though that the best thing for Kev would be to get one of those… wait, has someone already mentioned the ladder?

  • What he needs is a pair of hiking boots so he can cli… Ah no, I did it wrong! Maybe someone else should take over.

  • What he needs is a pair of hiking boots so he can cli… Ah no, I did it wrong! Maybe someone else would be better at this.

  • Let me try.

    What he needs is a pair of hiking boots so… wait, you already made that mistake this morning. Sorry.

  • Is there anyone else who can give it a go? Is Smidge Manly knocking about somewhere?

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