Avatar Look at him (but don’t be inspired)

What’s going on here exactly?

Look at this berk. I took screenshots of this from some Twitter advert because it looked ridiculous. This guy is doing all these different kinds of exercises as though it’s supposed to inspire you to “reach goals easily” and “no gym, no problem”. What a waste of time.

I wouldn’t mind so much but for the last month or so this has popped up every other day. This guy needs to take a hint and get outta my viso/volto. My viewing eyes don’t need this kind of visual fungus. I don’t care if you can track progress and keep motivated, I don’t care if you can see visible results in four weeks and don’t think you can tempt me with silly muscular arm emojis.

What worries me most is the disclaimer at the bottom of the video: “The stunts in this video were performed by a trained professional. DO NOT ATTEMPT IT.” Stunts? It? They seem to have such a poor grasp of English that even if I wanted to “hit every single muscle” I wouldn’t trust them to do it given that they can’t even word a disclaimer properly.

I expect you may have already seen it but I wanted to spread the word regardless.

Also, Chris, get a real f*cking job, mate.

7 comments on “Look at him (but don’t be inspired)

  • I like how there are only steps 3 and 4. That’s how you know this is an advanced type of exercise that isn’t for amateurs like you.

  • I’m hardly going to stand up while I want to get paid, like some kind of mug. No thank you. I’ll be lying down, having a well earned rest, while you bring me cash.

  • You see you, right, you’re everything that’s wrong with this country. Not the privatisation of key industries, not the stripping down of the NHS, not the interest rates or the glory-hogging chutney-chugging Tories, it’s you.

  • I know, right? And that is an achievement. Look at me and all I’ve accomplished. I have become the very worst thing about this entire country. And what have you done? Not that. Ha.

  • I’ve done many things, many things I’m not proud of, many things I am proud of and some things we’ve all been proud of. Proudest of the proud, look at proud and be in-prourired.

    I lost my train of thought.

  • It’s true. I’ve seen you proud and this is you at your proudest. You, on the other hand, have seen me keen. Fair’s fair.


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