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Being an irredeemable transport geek, I follow several blogs and social media accounts about both roads and public transport. 

One of them recently linked me to an article about a new scheme on the Washington DC Metro system, where indicator lights are being installed outside some stations that tell bus drivers to wait. The idea is that buses will wait when a train has just come in, so people can make the connection from a train to a bus instead of emerging from the station to see their bus already driving away. It seems like quite a nice idea. 

Anyway, I’m not writing this because I think you need to know about innovations in multimodal transport integration in the District of Colombia.

I’m writing this because the news article I was linked to is written by someone called Valerie Bonk.

That’s all. As you were.

7 comments on “Valerie

  • For a while there I was led down the pathway of knowledge into something I wasn’t interested in and then you completely side-swiped me with a bit of a ‘me’ joke.

    I don’t know how that poor woman got through school but she deserves a trophy the side of a sundial.

  • If she keeps it on the side of a sundial will it still tell the time properly or will it have to be adjusted?

  • I think as long as the trophy doesn’t block sunlight reaching the gnomon then the sundial will still continue to work. That means you need to be careful when first mounting the trophy but after that can continue to use your fair weather timepiece without problems.

  • It was. Kev and I were always be up in da club grooving to that in the late 90’s.

    Everyone would have whistles and they’d be dressed as gnomes. If someone blew a whistle you all had to stand still. It was very similar to that kid’s game Musical Statues but with masses and masses of China white.

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