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Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night.

You don’t get a Good Morning though; you’re not good enough.

So it’s come to my attention that I haven’t been telling people about the pointless things I spend my money on. I know that you’re always dying to know so it was only fair that I eventually gave in and spilled the electronical metaphorical beans. I would literally love to spill some beans but I’m too busy for that at the moment.

Take a tasty look at my tasty wears:


What you are looking at is the limited edition ‘Fort George’ 7″ EP. It’s a marvellous thing to look at, and not just because it is amber ‘beer’ coloured vinyl. A tiny robust collection of music brimming with hooks and other things. If you could put this into your eyes to see how it feels then you would do it. So why, do you ask, is this purchase pointless? The vinyl itself is not; it is a stupendous thing however to me it is pointless for the following reasons:

1. I already own the Minus the Bear song in two different formats.
2. I had to import it from the US, adding to the inital expense.
3. My record player is currently out of action so even if I did want to listen to it I can’t…
4. Well actually that’s incorrect. You do get a digital download with the vinyl but I can never bring myself to lessen the value of the product by actually using it.
5. I bought two just for the hell of it.

So as you can see this was a complete waste of time and an utterly pointless purchase.

6 comments on “Pointless Purchase of the Month – May

  • You are the most pointless person I know. I’d award you some sort of medal or ribbon but I don’t want to encourage this sort of thing.

    In what way does using the download reduce the value? In a few years the download link won’t work anyway, so it’s not of value to anyone else if you sell it, and the only difference is that you haven’t got the music.

  • Thank you. I expected a massive backlash of abuse for this particular piece, and boy did I receive it. Can I have a little more?

    You can’t use the thing you’ve just bought; what are you, mad? You must preserve that previous download for your darkest moments.

  • But you’re not preserving it. You’re wasting it. It’s like buying an ice cream in the hope it will gain in value and sell for more later on. It won’t. It’ll melt and then you’ll have melted ice cream all over your hands and nobody will buy anything from you because your hands are sticky.

    What I’m saying is that selling records makes your hands dirty, or something. I’m not sure any more.

  • I have and would never invest my money in ice cream. Due to a spelling error I did temporarily refer to it as ace cream. I may be more inclined to invest in ace cream.

  • So it’s settled then. We all take the profits from this website and invest them in ace cream. Marvellous! I’ll open my mouth to that!

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