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It’s been a few years, but Smidge Manly hasn’t been wasting his time. No, since he finished answering all your questions about railways, he’s been turning his attention to the wider world, and very soon he’ll be ready to explain some of its greatest mysteries to you, his adoring public.

His new series, Smidge on Science, is in post-production right now. In it, he’ll be exploring the four key subjects in the world of science: wind, rain, time and cars.

To whet your appetite, and to remind you again of Smidge’s keen journalistic insight and forensic questioning style, here’s an informative and valuable interview he conducted that didn’t make it into the finished series.

17 comments on “A smidge of Smidge

  • I am sad that this episode was never completed.
    I am very glad this interview was filmed.
    I am excited to see the full glory of Smidge’s latest exploits.
    I am languid about getting up to go make a cup of tea.

  • There has been a distinct lack of Smidge in mine and everyone else’s lives. This can only be a good thing.

  • I am sad that Ian doesn’t want Smidge in his life.
    I am glad that this means there is more Smidge for the rest of us.
    I am excited to find ways of preventing Ian getting this new Smidge in his life.
    I am lovely.

  • Am I going to keep being ignored until I adopt the same list style approach of other responses?

  • I didn’t ignore you. Three of the four sentences in my last comment were about your reply. This reply is also all about your latest reply. If you think this is being ignored you have a bit of an ego problem.

  • Making all four sentences about your reply would have meant ignoring my loveliness, which is an extremely distressing prospect. My loveliness cannot be pushed aside for your vanity.

  • Simmer down boys, I’m sure there’s enough room in here for Ian’s ego and Chris’ loveliness.

    We can probably fit Chris’ loveliness in the crevices around the edges of Ian’s ego.
    Maybe. If we squash Ian’s ego down a bit, and perhaps let some air our of one corner.

  • I’m all for letting some air out of Ian’s ego, and I would also be in favour of wringing some of that dark, viscous liquid out of the lower parts.

  • Simmer down boys? Simmer down? Who do you think you are, Gary Wilmot?

  • The Wilmot. Wilmers Garyers. Chrizzy Grizzly Gary. Shit or get off the Wilm-pot.

    You know.

  • I think “Shit or get off the Wilm-pot” might be the best nickname for Gary Wilmot I’ve ever heard, though it’s mostly irrelevant because I don’t know who he is.

  • If only you knew who he was then that would make so much more sense, sigh. I guess the genius of my nickname will go fully unacknowledged or at the very least half kind of acknowledged.

  • You’re right. Nobody in their RIGHT MIND would choose to be called Barry Wince-rot, I mean Gary Wilmot.

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