16 comments on “Episode 12: Queens

  • I haven’t listened to this yet, but I think all the podcasts so far have been recorded in a building with more than one floor, unless some have been recorded in a shed or something.

  • I have also listened to this, but I don’t remember any of it. The swerve into basketball was unexpected even though it appeared in the list, which was a delight.

    I find myself wondering whether anything else we recorded that weekend is worth using. I seem to remember it was basically all pap apples.

  • We churned out a good few decent podcasts, enough for Kev to occasionally make a post and have the slightest chance of securing a bean, and then it slipping into the next month and whole thing going back to square one.

  • Did we? Did we though. I’m not sure we did. But the main thing is that we tried, and also that we all had some mash.

  • I think we dropped a few nuggets of gold. Maybe not up to the standard of that one where Ian became King of a supermarket, but we tried.

  • I for one dream of a day when we can once again reach the heights of a Bananarama Diorama. Great days.

    Still, it’s early for Series 2 yet. There’s time.

  • They’re not cliches if you just made them up. They’re just things out of your brain. And I seriously doubt you’ve run out of those.

  • As I said, we have THIS MUCH potential. That’s a lot.

    Also you’ve never twisted some cream horns?

    I have a lot of things in my head, most of which should NOT be allowed out. Kind of like my very own Character Hatch (TM).

  • I’m surprised it took the world so long to realise that the words ‘chaffinch’ and ‘sex plinth’ rhyme. It came so easily after a couple of pints (possibly only one) of cider.

  • I’m not 100% convinced the phrase “sex plinth” was out there and looking for a rhyme before you came along, but yes, that is definitely something for which you can claim the credit.

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