Avatar Merry Christmas

Garforth LOVES Christmas.

If there is any doubt about that then this photo will silence all who dare to question it:


The day after this was taken some joker decided to blank out the ‘fucking’, so whilst the sentiment was still there it lost some of its potency.

I believe that Christmas is a magical time and if this is how Garforth feels about it then nobody has the right to take that away.

12 comments on “Merry Christmas

  • It looks to me like FUCKING is in different handwriting and different paint to the rest of the text. I therefore deduce that the message originally read “Merry Xmas G-Town”, a profanity was then added by another party, and the original author has returned to restore the message to its intended form.

    *settles back in armchair with deerstalker hat and pipe full of cocaine*

    Elementary, my dear Mac Mac Mac Mac McIver.

  • So… so what you’re saying is that you’re the one who added the graffiti?

  • I knew you enjoyed Christmas Chris but secretly driving up five days before Christmas Day to add a profanity to a message on the side of the wall in your home town… I mean that’s dedication on an unprecedented level.

  • You know me. I don’t like to brag about these things.

    While I was up there, I also wrote “tits” on a bench in marker pen but I’m not telling you where. Then I drove back to London.

  • Secret tits, eh? Marvellous. They’re the best kind. It’s like Treasure Hunt but with profanities.

  • I’ll check all the benches until I find the dastardly deeds of you, the delectable deviant.

    I’d say that Mr Chang has an unfair advantage because he can look now, but he’ll be resprouting the bed melts for the new year anyway and that takes yonks.

  • Mr Chang’s too busy polishing the handmade benches that’ll go round the fountain in his new Sicilian Courtyard. He hasn’t got time for this.

  • Oh, I thought he was finalising the Sicilian Courtyard in the second quarter of the year? He must have brought it forward after he worked several nights to complete the erection of the Vietnamese band stand.

  • He brought the Sicilian Courtyard forward to Q1 2016 because he was having trouble sourcing stone paving for the new south-western patio. He can’t seem to find a supplier willing to commit to an order for a surface area of three square miles so he’s had to delay it and bring other projects forward.

  • That is a shame but you know that old saying, “Whatever Chang wants, Chang gets!”

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