Avatar Annual Christmas Roundup

Another Christmas has been and gone, so we’d better start wiping up the spillages and straightening the furniture.

Let’s see what Santa’s sack disgorged into my lap this year.


  • Little Italian biscuits with almonds in them
  • A selection of cheeses
  • Usual assortment of chocolates


  • Nice bottle of wine
  • Crate of 20 bottles of Budweiser (it’s so me)
  • Mug with a bear on it


  • Theatre tickets
  • Room escape game tickets
  • Lego architecture set

Tea towels

  • Public Service Broadcasting tea towel
  • Mr Smith tea towel
  • David Bowie’s Big Boy Runaround tea towel

If anyone got more tea towels than me this year, I’d like to hear about it. But for me, the best Christmas present of all is my twelfth bean of 2015. It’s been a wall-to-wall bean-filled year for me on the Beans. Happy Christmas.

16 comments on “Annual Christmas Roundup

  • You didn’t mention your Wang Chung cd. Surely that would come under ‘Enjoyables’?

  • That’s a bit harsh. All they want to do is ensure that you and everybody has fun tonight. Godley and Crème swear by it.

  • It is quite unusual that you managed to acquire three different tea towels for the same Christmas. Clearly people are trying to tell you something.

  • I’m not sure why chocolate road signs didn’t make it to “Comestibles”. I thought that was my trump card.

  • Thank you most kindly!
    *bows, smiles and accepts applause most graciously*

  • Credit where credit is due, Miss Wolfson.

    Just make sure he drinks the Budweiser in moderation. MODERATION, Christopher, moderation 😉

  • I don’t know why it wasn’t in either. You’d have to ask the panel of judges who decide these things. They’re peculiar types who usually answer questions with a cryptic riddle.

  • Can I book them for an 11 year old’s birthday party next week? They sound a hoot.

  • Yeah. They do jokes but the punchlines never quite seem to work. My favourite goes like this:

    Why did the blackbird cross the road?
    Your maladjusted expectations will be the downfall of all your relationships.

  • Hilarious.

    As long as they can also perform an accurate yet different but somewhat faithful version of ‘Leg Jazz’ by popular pop puckers the Papples then they’re hired.

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